Step 2c. Enter Your Family Info Into A Computer

Now that you’ve gathered, sorted and filed the information you have about your family, you need to record this information in some way so it’s easy to refer to — and so you can do the temple work.  To do this, you just open up each file folder and enter the pertinent information you’ve got on each family into the computer.

Enter Your Family History Information Into A Computer — Either Online At The New FamilySearch Website or Into A Software Program

We suggest you choose a simple Family History Software Program that automatically integrates with New FamilySearch, but it’s your choice.

While you don’t have to have a personal computer to keep family history records…it sure helps! After typing the information once into the computer, you can organize it in all sorts of different ways.

The same information can be used in pedigree charts, family group sheets, and descendancy charts, and is easily shared with other people.  Reports and charts are easily updated without time-consuming retyping.

You have three options with regards to entering your family info into a computer:

OPTION 1 – Use the New FamilySearch Website only

  • This keeps a basic record of your family history information.
  • Tracks your temple work, submits names to the temple, and helps you collaborate with others.
  • However, you cannot print nice pedigree charts, narratives and notes, and import pictures, documents, etc.
  • You cannot export data.

OPTION 2 – Use the New FamilySearch Website plus a simple Family History Software program

  • This keeps extensive, detailed family information,

    Family History Software To Use

    confidential information, research notes, images of family photographs and documents, records of living relatives, etc.

  • Tracks your temple work, submits names to the temple, and helps you collaborate with others (through New FamilySearch).
  • Prints nice pedigree charts, indexes, reports, research to-do lists, a variety of amazing charts, booklets, family narratives, etc.
  • You can export data — and even use the data to create a family website (with information on living relatives hidden).

OPTION 3 – Don’t do anything — pretend you’re sad and helpless, whimper a little, and sneakily hoodwink an unsuspecting Family History Consultant into doing it all for you — (but the Lord will bless you more if you do it yourself.)

We recommend Option 2.  But again, the choice is yours.

Should you choose Option 2, here’s help on deciding which Family History Software Program to use.

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